Nick & Ashley| A sweet and creative surprise proposal

If you love creative wedding proposals, as much as I do, youll probably love this story.

This interview was a big challenge for me, because of the language. But I loved doing this. Ashley and Nick were so nice and patient with my English (haha). Thank you guys!

This couple’s love story has many funny and cute details that we would love to share with you.

First of all, I need to say that this proposal was doubly exciting. First, because of all the love involved and second because of the place: the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver. The reason? A suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River that is 460 ft long and 230 ft above the river.

Nick decided to get down on one knee and ask Ashley in marriage exactly in the middle of this bridge. Too brave, right?

But the surprises involving this amazing proposal started hours before Ashley arrived at the park… Nick certainly proved that he is good at planning.

“I first asked her dad back in September when we went to visit her family for his blessing in marrying Ashley. I initially told him I’d probably be asking her once I graduated from graduate school in June, but that obviously changed. After I found out I was accepted to the international design conference, I realized there wouldn’t be a better spot or location than Vancouver because we weren’t tied down emotionally to any other location we’ve traveled to or lived in over the past 3 years. I first met her in a parking lot in Scottsdale which wasn’t romantic, and I knew in Vancouver I could find a romantic spot to propose”.

And he really found a perfect place! With the help of Francis,  Nick`s friend that lives in Canada, he realized that the bridge would be the perfect spot to propose. But just taking Ashley there and asking seemed too simple for him.

“I wanted to make it an extravagant proposal”

Nick would be at a conference all day, so he decided to organize a real princess’s day for Ashley.

“Nick was acting suspicious for about a month leading up to the proposal. I had a really strong feeling he would propose while we were in Vancouver. I was surprisingly calm because I was excited for the future”

Despite the feeling, Ashley couldn’t imagine how big this moment would be.

The special day started around 9 a.m. when she received a call from the concierge asking her to come get something at the front desk. It was the first letter of the day and it said that she needed to be ready and to text a number (their friend Jordan) at 9:55am. Jordan was waiting outside the hotel and handed her the next letter telling  her she was going to eat breakfast at the Bel Cafe until 10:50am. After that, Jordan picked her up and took her to the nail salon. She received the third letter there saying  that she was being treated to a manicure and pedicure.After  she got her nails done, Jordan drove her back to the hotel’s salon to a hair treatment.

I told you that Nick  was a good planner, didn’t I? Back to her room, Ashley saw rose petals in a trail leading to a big heart made out of rose petals with envelope number 5 in the middle. The next letter told  her to be ready by 3:35pm. When she got in the car, she was handed another letter that had  her reminiscing  on past memories shared between the couple. Oh, man! This is like a rom-com, right?

“I had no idea where we were going  but the drive was absolutely gorgeous. As we got closer I started seeing signs for the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and thought there was no  way we were going there because I thought we were going with our friends later in the trip. We got to the parking lot and when we got out Jordan handed me the last envelope. The last letter talked about what Nick loved the most about me and that he had more to tell  me soon”.

“When I started walking toward the bridge I saw Nick and the most beautiful view I’ve seen in my life. The bridge was covered in thousands of twinkling white lights and all the trees were covered in lights because of a holiday event called Canyon Lights still going on. The bridge spans across a body of water and tons of trees and forest all around all decorated in lights”.

Do you remember when I said that Nick was too brave to  propose in the middle of this high bridge? Fear was exactly the excuse he gave to surprise Ashley with a ring.

“Nick led me down the bridge and told me that he didn’t want to go any further because he was scared because the bridge was moving quite a bit since it’s suspended over the water. So we stopped and shortly after Nick got down on one knee and said some sweet words I can’t even remember followed by “will you marry me” It took me a minute to say yes because the ring was so gorgeous and I was just so in shock of how he planned out this entire day to the minute and made it so perfect. After I said yes, I soon learned the reason Nick didn’t want to go any further on the bridge was not because he was scared but because our other friend Francis was standing in the distance photographing the whole proposal”

“When I got down on one knee to propose I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot half of the things I wanted to say to Ashley, but all in all the most difficult thing  was attending the conference while hoping that the whole day went according to plan”

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“The whole proposal was honestly something like out of a fairy tale! I will never forget it”

Neither will we right?

Ashley is from Illinois and Nick is from New Jersey and they currently reside in Philadelphia. But they met in a parking lot in Scottsdale, Arizona.

No, they weren’t parking their cars when they looked at each other and fell in love. The story is longer than that and much funnier. Long story short… Nick was an angel who gave Ashley a ride after a night of fun, some drinks and a lost cell phone.

“The next morning my friend Sammy and I realized neither of us had our phones so I was got on Sammy’s computer and went on facebook and was messaging my roommate Jenna, about how I was stranded in Scottsdale and had no way home (Sammy was too sick to drive and I didn’t have a car and no uber because no phones). So, Jenna told me that her friend was really nice and would probably pick me up if he wasn’t busy. An hour later I went outside and saw a small white sports car and Jenna standing beside it. I walked over to it and met Nick”.

To thank Nick, Ashley made him some brownies.

“I baked some brownies and convinced Jenna to go with me to Nick’s apartment so I could thank them for saving me with food (the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach)”

And it  worked!

Nick messaged her on facebook thanking for the brownies and from that day on they never stopped talking.

Oh, do you wanna see Ashley’s engagement ring? It’s PERFECT!

And it was made exclusively for her! Can you believe it?

“One of my best friends knew a guy that does custom rings, so he got me in touch with Steve Seo of Theseos NYC Jewelry. I wanted an antique inspired ring so I did some research and showed him what I liked about different designs and he formulated the perfect ring for me. He sent over the first initial design and there were a few things to be adjusted, and when I went to pick it up the day before we left for our trip, it was even more perfect than I imagined”

With such a beautiful and inspiring proposal, I can’t wait to see this wedding!!!

Nick & Ashley,  I  wish you all the love and companionship in the world! Thank you for sharing this amazing moment of your lives with us! It was a pleasure to write your love story.

Review by Katerine Knust and Ana Carolina Zajas